Info Windows

Good morning,
we are from NEOS, an Italian society operating in the environmental field. We would be interested in buying Beaglebones black. This is just to enquire some information:

Would it be possible to install Windows on Beaglebones black?

If so:
-Which version?
-Where could we find it?
-How much does it cost?
-Do installation tutorials exist?

If no, would it be possible to use Windows through an emulator?

best regards


There is a BSP for WEC7 on the Beaglebone black. It is reported as “working”, but I tried getting it working myself not more than a week ago, and failed. I followed what little documentation I could find, exactly. There is very limited documentation, the “author” does not seem to respond much to inquiries, and I think the project is lacking in many ways.

As for the cost of WEC7 on the beaglebone ? You’ll have to contact Microsoft about that.

Oh right forgot the link:

DO keep in mind that there is no support for that project on this group. If you have issues or problems with that BSP, you need to contact the author of the project on Microsoft’s site.