information about the beaglebone card


I´m a french student and i´m working with a proyect to evaluate differents developpement platforms and right now i´m evaluating the Beaglebone, but I have some questions because there are a lot of information but I need to know some things:

  1. How can I use the PWM like inputs, if possible?

  2. What is the real energy consumption of the board? Because I have read about all the rails of power and all the voltages that manage the system but there´s no a general consumption energy of the board in Amperes and Watts.

  3. Is possible work in autonomy with the board ON? , I mean, I have read that there are two modes that the board can be powered: by the USB or 5VDC optional. But I need to know if there is a possibility to work with a battery instead these both sources during 1 minute, and if possible, what kind of battery?

Thank you for your attention and your answers.

Jhonatan Arnold MATEOS

IUT de Tarbes, FRANCE

Change the PWM pin to GPIO input pin.

Real consumption depends on the mode and how fast the SW is running, but feel free to read the System Reference Manual. It is listed in there.

Yes the board can run from a battery, like the the one found on the battery cape.These can be AA NiCAD or AA Lithium. Depending on mode it can run for hours on this type of battery.