Information with respect to PCB stack up...

Hi Gerald,

I have been searching the Allegro PCB file, and the homepage for information with respect to the BeagleBoard PCB stack up itself. Unfortunately with no luck.

After speaking with Jason on IRC yesterday, I checked as well. Still with no luck, although I was impressed by the presentation in general J - Great work.

Can you point me to a place with specifications for the PCB stack up in order to make the design resources complete and in order for everyone to redo the PCBs in case they want? In the presentation I found, that the PCB was made from normal FR4, but can’t find anything specific with respect to layer thickness/prepreg type/cobber thickness etc. except some information with respect to impedances from which one might be able to calculate backwards.

Might be it doesn’t matter that much for the BB design, but it might help people avoiding some stupid pitfalls…

Best regards and thanks in advance


It should be in the Allegro files if you turn on all of the layers. Manufacturing information is shown on different layers. Let me see if I can find a PDF with the information on it and I will send it to you.


depending on what cad system you use. Have you looked into reveres engineering the Gerber files to pcb layout along with the Orcad schematic capture files, there should be a wizard on most major cad systems like Altium Designer, Mentor PADS or Allegro. and for all the cheepies there is the latest Eagle cad that will do this…