Initialize system time on boot (wireless)

I am a little confused on systemd setup here.

So, my BBB loses its time on bootup. I know that is expected because there is not hardware clock.

I also see that ntpdate is supposed to run once a day in cron.daily. However, I really want the system to get the correct time on bootup. I am running wireless (set to auto), so I need this to run after the wireless connection is made.

In syslog, I do see the date being set on bootup, but it is off by years. And in /lib/systemd, I see timedated and time-sync. They appear to be in systemd, but never loaded. I see other documentation that refers to ntpupdate.service, but that doesn’t exist here.

So far, I tried installing and uninstalling “apt-get install ntp”. I linked /etc/localtime to my timezone in /usr/share (America/Los_Angeles). I also set /etc/adjtime to LOCAL instead of UTC.

So far, I haven’t had any luck.

Mostly, I am just unsure of where to even configure things. I am really unfamiliar with systemd. Thanks.