initrd.img not detected


Per Robert Nelson’s eewiki site, I have a running BBB running 4.4.11-bone10.1 version (single partition model); initrd.img-4.4.11-bone10.1 is in /boot. A previous version, 4.4.1-bone5, indicated that initramfs was installed (two partition model)—

[ 3.484281] Unpacking initramfs…
[ 3.821276] Freeing initrd memory: 5196K (c8080000 - c8593000)

I don’t see those lines now. uEnv.txt in root has …

"loadxrd=load mmc ``0``:``1 ${rdaddr} /boot/initrd.img-${uname_r}; setenv rdsize ${filesize}"

Diagnostics shows that the file is read into memory OK.

I sprinkled pr_debug() diagnostics in kernel to track progress -- in start_kernel(void) located in init/main.c
I added around line #625..

**pr_notice("initrd_start:%d initrd_below_start_ok:%d\n", initrd_start, initrd_below_start_ok);**

Both initrd_start and initrd_below_start_ok were 0 ... should these value be >0? Am I missing a configuration parameter? Are there any
other areas in the kernel to track progress?

thx for any help