inquiry beagle board

I am a electronic hobbyist. I am exited about beagle board and want to buy one and start working on it. I want to know

  • The final price. Please mention taxes, postage etc for Beagleboard.
  • Allowed Mode of payment like MO, Online Transfer, DD, Cheque etc details (i would prefer online payment to bank account)
  • Time required in delivery etc.

My address, where delivery is required is:

Address: 49, Zerlina, Amaipakkam Township (East), Post Anupuram, Dist Kancheepuram, Tamilnadu 603127

Please update me with details

anand chauhan

Trilok Sonito beagleboard

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This cost analysis was requested by my friend, so that he can decide
to buy this board either from digi-key or cranes software <,>.

Directly buying from digi-key online:

  1. Board Cost - 149$
  2. Shipping cost to India - UPSW - 81$
  3. Import Duty - 1275 INR - 30$ (@ 42INR per $)

So, beagle board will cost you approx 260$ if you are going to order
it directly from digi-key.

On the other side, Cranes software is quoting this board at 9999 INR
(Approx 238$), including serial cable and power adapter. Please note
that it is not so easy to get flat ribbon cable and HDMI-DVI connector
here in India until you go hunting in special (often very crowded and
located very far from main City) area. I hope this helps.

Hi there
i got my board from cranes software india. I study in chennai
u can mail them at