Install Debian Jessie on a custom BB based system

Hi !

I made a card which is the exact copy of the BBB architecture (same CPU, same RAM chip, same power supply) but without HDMI and flash memory chips (to meet size requirements).

I want to install Jessie on this system but the SD card don’t boot (S2 pressed or not) with U-Boot. CCC appears without the SD card and disappears when I plug it. Furthermore, when I try to boot an Angström distribution, my card boot on, so I think there’s no hardware issue.

I understood that the Angström image has SPL and U-Boot image on a FAT partition. On boot, the am3358 find the SPL and can execute U-Boot. I don’t find any SPL file on the Jessie image so
I think that the am3358 on BB has his NAND flashed with SPL and don’t need any external SPL file (this is why Angstrom and Jessie boot on BB but only Angstrom boot on my system).

Actually, I try to build a Jessie image according to this git : with --bbb-old-bootloader-in-emmc parameter (even if I’m not sure it’ll embed SPL).

Is there something wrong in my thinking ?
Must I find a way to flash the internal NAND (U-Boot says that there’s no NAND device found…) ? or searching a way to include full U-Boot on a Jessie image is a good way to solve my problem ?