Install Windows 8 Embedded in BeagleBone Black?

here you can find the ARM335X processor listed.

so why cant we install?
can anyone explain?


Did you try selecting any or all of the device categories on that page and hitting the “search” button?

What results is zilch, nada, nothing!

Microsoft currently offers no BSP for the ARM335X. They mention that they will work with vendors to get Win embedded on custom hardware, however – so the presence of the processor on that list is just Microsoft “going fishing”.


Yeah, I wish people would get a clue. Why in hell would you pay 2-3x as much for Windows, versus the cost for the hardware to run it ? What is it that you expect to do on Windows that you can not do on Linux ? You do realize the crappy Windows experience you would have because of the amount of RAM ?

I run Windows as my primary desktop. So I am not a Windows hater, but talk of this make NO SENSE AT ALL to me.

thank you everyone for your replies. I just asked. No specific reason. Of course, Linux rocks all the way. :slight_smile:

That page is not discussing Windows 8 Embedded.

Windows CE != Windows 8

Windows Embedded Compact != Windows 8 Embedded

Actually, you have to change the vendor, since TI doesn’t provide their own BSPs. Adeneo does, and you get two hits.

But those are for Windows CE 7.0, not Windows Embedded. Despite having “windowsembedded” in the URL, that is a Windows CE site and not Windows 8 Embedded.

I dunno if this thread is dead.
But I discovered this link:

Is there any step-by-step guide for installation as well as a few projects based on this OS ?

Hi William,

Jim’s question is wether Windows can be installed in BeagleBorn Black or not. He didn’t ask if it is economical or not.

How very observant of you.

It looks like it is possible: