installa nginx on BBB - Debian


Just a simple question on desktop/server Debian installing nginx is just as simple as sudo apt-get install nginx.
Is this the same for installing on BeagleBone Black (=the package available in the Debian distro for BBB)?


If the package exists for the architecture, yes, it’s the same. The architecture is armhf for the beaglebones. Also this is true for any software package or otherwise. The majority of software just needs to be compiled from source on an armhf system in order to work on that hardwre platform.

$ sudo apt-cache search nginx /* will tell all*/


For future reference. I’d say that 95%-99% of the packages that exist for x86 / x86-64, also exist for the armhf ABI. But when in doubt, you can use apt-cache search, and if perchance that does not work. Searching the web for "Debian Jessie( or Wheezy ) package " will turn up results. From there you can get a correct package name, or just keep searching the debian package lists to see if there is an armhf ABI compatible binary / package.