Installing a Package on BB

Hi All,

I have a Angstrom file System running on Beagleboard with kernel ver.

I am trying to install new package on BB ... but am not able to do
so. I tried using 'apt-get install' command but it didn't
worked ...... it seems as if Angstrom doesn't support 'apt-get'

Is there any alternate solution to install a package.


to install use opkg install nome_do_pakote ....


As mentioned, one way is to you need to use the opkg command. You
previously need to download a package file for the application you
want to install (.ipk).

A good source for packages is

Good luck !

that trying to install this package .....

  will be well

  opkg install package_name and ready.


Do you think it is worth putting a dummy script in place for “apt-get”, “dpkg”, “rpm” etc that simply outputs a message saying Angstrom uses opkg with a link to a getting started guide as this probably causes a problem for quite a few people when they first start with Angstrom…? (me included :slight_smile: