Installing Android on BeagleBone Green

Hello all,

I downloaded the android image from here and I followed the usual instructions using Win32DiskImager. I inserted the 16GB SD card to the beaglebone and while holding down the S2 button that is next to the SD card slot I applied power using an external power supply. I kept the button pressed for few seconds after power is on.

Booting the on-board eMMC image will work fine, the beaglebone appears on my network with SSH port available. With this android image the board won’t show up on the network; Port scanning sees the device but no open ports available, also ping sometimes gives me Time out or unreachable. I’m not sure if it even booted or not. The user LEDs are flashing probably according to there usual pattern.

I tried this article but I get the same effect. As far as I know, the BB green and black are the same exact hardware which means the same should work on both, that’s what BB website is providing.

What am I missing here? Thank you in advance.

green does not have a hdmi framer. maybe the image expects a framer ?

The issue is the kernel in bbbandroid doesn’t have the bbgreen device tree patches. I was able to apply the patchs to kernel and run on the green with a LCD.


Hi Wulf

If I added an HDMI cape to the board will it work?

Hi Keith

Is it possible to give me more details on how to apply this patch? I went to their website and found the build process easy to perform.

I’ll try to get it added to my tree today,

I’ve made the all the necessary changes to support the bbgreen in my manifest and git repos. Let me know how it goes, I don’t have time to test at the moment.


No problem at all, downloading and testing now. Thanks in advance!

Hi Keith

I am in the process of porting android on to BBG, The patch file is not found in your tree, please help me on the same


Hi is there any one who can able to write android image on BeagleBone Green Wireless, if yes please guide me how to it. Thanks in advance have nice day

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