installing djmount( upnp client) which requires FUSE

I wanted to use beagleboard as a home media renderer for which i want
to use djmount which is a upnp client runs on ubuntu and requires FUSE
(filesystem in userspace), upnplib, libfuse.
So how to do it. Do i have to install FUSE seperately or it comes with
ubuntu for beagleboard. I am first time using beagleboard. How to
install these things. And i will need a mediaplayer that will play
audio,vedio from upnp souces through wifi. Which player should i use
and how to port it on ubuntu on beagleboard??

once you have used djmount, your upnp will appear as a local filesystem,
so any mediaplayer that can play local files can be used, that's the
whole point of djmount, no?