Installing kernel headers for ubuntu

I found this file for directions on installing the headers and ran into an issue which was resolved by this.

I just tried to build gst-plugins-bad again and it refused to build with the uvcvideo header so I did a quick test.

ubuntu@arm:~$ cat test.c
#include <linux/uvcvideo.h>

int main(int argc, char argv[])
return 0;
ubuntu@arm:~$ gcc test.c -o test
In file included from test.c:1:0:
/usr/include/linux/uvcvideo.h:52:30: error: expected ‘:’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘}’ or ‘attribute’ before ‘
’ token
/usr/include/linux/uvcvideo.h:63:14: error: expected ‘:’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘}’ or ‘attribute’ before ‘*’ token

It looks like it doesn’t like the __user in

struct uvc_menu_info __user *menu_info;

Any ideas?