Installing Precise 12.04 armhf to BB-xm (Errors)

I have installed Precise 12.04 armhf to beaglebone hundred of times and did not face a problem. Today I tried to install it for my beagleboard-xm and got these errors:

Ah? So what's the problem? The image boot right?

That message is to just to "inform" you, that I made a slight change
to one of the upstart scripts, so you wouldn't have to wait 2 Minutes
for a login prompt to appear on the serial console when you DON'T have
the Ethernet plugged in.

If for some crazy reason you like that feature, i gave the 3 commands
to undo my fix.. :wink:


Oh! you are right. Sorry for the inconvenience. :confused:

No problem.. :wink: As an end user do you have any hints to make that
more obvious, without getting too 'wordy' ?


I do not know maybe you can add a note like: “no need to panic. this is just to inform advanced users. nothing is wrong with your image” = )