Installing SGX /OPENGL on BBB Angstrom Distribution (3.8.13) so as QT library gets installed onto it

Hello Beagle-bone Geeks,
After a long time of about 2 Weeks I have finally gave up.
I ahve been trying to get QT4 Embedded running over my BBB on ANgstrom 3.8.13 kernal.It is a project for my self but I am stuced in this section,I am wondering why is it soo much messed up to get these things running!
But what can we say… Peoples like you all are helping each other to get these thiings running for us.
So my basic problems are as follow:-

  1. Installed Angstrom Latest Image 3.8.13 kernal.
  2. opkg update
    3)opkg upgrade-(installed YOCTO PROJECT)
    4)opkg install qt4-embedded --force-depends
    5)ERROR- Cannot install qt4 EMbedded

another Problem
GTK isnt getting running into the system.

  1. Error shown on a basic program is PKG-CONF isn’t a directory or destination

Another problem

1)Simple Hello world Program isn’t getting executed on the machine.