Installing Texas Instruments software kits in BBB

TI offers Linux and android development packages for AM335X processor types.

I would love to know the reason why these images cannot be installed on BBB readily without any change.

Im confused because both have the same exact processor and code is compiled for that processor. What am I missing here?

thank you so much!

As far as i know they offer support for 2.6 kernels only.

​I dont mind using the older kernel. Do you think its possible ofr me to use their images without making any changes to it?

I am interested in knowing the following. I understand that A kernel is compiled for a specific processor. So I am wondering since TI Images are already compiled for the AM335X processor, they should work flawlessly in the BBB too right?

please correct me if I am mistaken.

The executables work on the proccessor but if they depend on some kernel specific things they will fail. If you use the default yocto build and a 2.6 kernel those should work.

​Im really interested in knowing a detailed answer. Its really hard to find an answer to this question on the web. could you please elaborate? I would so much appreciate it.

Up to my understanding, I thought since a OS is compiled to work on a specific chip, it should work on any board that uses that specific chip. Im wondering, in what cases should it fail?

You are not only using the chip you are also using peripherals integrated in that chip. Such are the gpio’s video, hdmi, etc. Those are controled by the kernel. Kernels > 3.10 use device trees to configure peripherals, kernels < 3.10 use sysfs to configure them. It’s more complicated. If you decide to use the standard youcto build from ti you will be fine but you will loose compatibility with tools built for newer kernels.

​Thank you Razvan. So basically, the kernal has to support the external peripherals too… hmm… like SSDs and RAM and Ethernet? I wonder why they dont run on a common protocol so coding is made easy.

hey thanks again!