Installing Ubuntu 11.04 on BeagleBoard xM

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the world of BeagleBoard and Linux. I have a few questions
I'd like to get answered before I actually purchase the board:

1) I have visited the Ubuntu website and know that Ubuntu 11.04 can be
installed on the BeagleBoard, but how is it done? Do I need Ubuntu on
the PC I'm installing from or can I just install it directly into the
mSD card and boot from it. Can someone direct me to a list of

2) When the BeagleBoard is booted from the Serial port, is there a
Serial Monitor on the host PC that displays the status or screen of
the Beagleboard? Can you boot it into disk mode like the iPods?

Thank You so much,



What specific release of Ubuntu 11.10 are you using??

Please post your error seen over the serial port..