installing ubuntu/lubuntu on BBB

hey guys, i have a BBB rev C and i’m trying to install ubuntu to be able to use a graphical OS so i wont need to use the terminal. i know that linux is aimed to use terminal but i need the desktop version.

i downloaded the console version 16.04 armhf and it worked. but when i used the “apt-get install lubuntu-desktop” it started installing but then said that there is no more disk space left. ( i used 16GB micro SD card )

after looking it up i found that there is a need to check if the sd card is mounted… i tried to figure it out but with no success.

can anyone help me to find an image file that has ubuntu desktop suitable for the BBB? or how to salve this “no disk space” problem? i am also a newbie with the linux so please try to explain in a simple way…

thanks in advance for those who help!

The problem with copying an image to SDCard is the SDCard partition is only as big as the original image. When installing the Debian GUI image, you do the following after the image is copied to the SDCard:

cd /opt/scripts/tools/
git pull
sudo ./
sudo reboot