Installing ubuntu without a monitor


I am trying to use the images from

By creating a new boot.scr I was able to put the display on the serial
port and the first boot went fine and the board rebooted. I modified
the boot.scr again and now the system stops after printing "additional
executable binary formats binfmt-support". I assume it is trying to
show something on the DVI :slight_smile:

In there a way to complete the install via the serial port?


I believe ubuntu uses ubiquity (gtk based, first time boot and user
setup script) on all their images, currently there is no way to
redirect this set of scripts to the serial port..

Otherwise ping #ubuntu-arm on freenode as the guys that built that
image aren't always on this list...


You might find the instructions at LiquidWare helpful.

Its not for Ubuntu, but another linux.