Intel WiFi support on latest bbx15 debian/ubuntu microsd prebuilt?

I have a custom bbx15 board with an intel 3160 mini pci. It doesn’t appear the latest prebuilt debian/ubuntu has the iwlwifi modules but it does have the firmware for the card.

I built the latest 4.4.x ti bsp kernel last night 4.4.68-ti-r106 but the config didn’t have a selection (Looked under Device Drivers > Network Device Support > Wireless LAN … no Intel)

I also built the mainline 4.4.70-armv7-lpae-x7 and the config did allow me to select the iwlwifi and it built the iwlwifi, mvm and dvm ko.

Any ideas on the best way to proceed?


Built kernels using

Expected Module config/location

Sorry for the duplicate posts, I’ll post my solution(s) to the other thread!category-topic/beagleboard/s1RCR0FJOfo