Interacting with BeagleBoard (BB) via Hyperterminal in Windows XP

Recently I bought a BB and I do not know how to use it.
I downloaded the necessary files from the following web page
and have have copied them to the newly formated 4 GB sd card.

when I boot the BB then I get the following prompt in the hyper terminal.

The Angstrom Distribution beagleboard ttyS2

Angstrom 2010.7-test-20110104 beagleboard ttyS2

beagleboard login:

I tried to type root at this prompt but I am unsuccessful.
How can I interact with BB using hyper terminal?
Any idea?

Any chance you can tell us which BB you purchased?

Is handshaking enabled in hyperterminal? If so, turn it off.


Use putty

Thank you. I have BB xM. I have checked the options in hyper terminal but could not find anything about handshaking.

Is there any other tool/software for interacting with BB xM from Ubuntu 10.04?

I use minicom.

However, I connect to the XM through a USB to serial adapter. Back when I had a PC with a serial port, I had problems connecting to the XM directly through the PC’s serial port - similar to yours where, the XM wouldn’t respond to keyboard input.

To configure minicom, run “minicom -s” then select “Serial port setup”. The settings that I use are the following. Note that Hardware Flow Control must be set to No.

A - Serial Device : /dev/ttyUSB0
B - Lockfile Location : /var/lock
C - Callin Program :
D - Callout Program :
E - Bps/Par/Bits : 115200 8N1
F - Hardware Flow Control : No
G - Software Flow Control : No


Thank you. It gives me a hint and that worked.

In hyper terminal setting, I changed the Flow Control to none and then I was able to give inputs from Keyboard.

So the problem is solved

That is what I meant by “handshaking”.


Ohh, sorry, but I did not understand that.
Any way the problem is solved now. I am facing another problem now. can u help me with that.