Interested in BeaglePin project suggested on Wiki


My name is Rahul Arora. I am an undergraduate in CSE and also a lead member of Quoders - The open source community of my college. Apart from it I am also involved in IEEE Student Branch of my college as a Technical Head.

I would like to work on the BeaglePin project that was suggested on the project list. I also liked the idea of Real Time Processing of data using Beagle Board. I have a good work experience in various technologies and I would love to be a contributor of Beagle Board.

My skills set includes : C, C++, Python, Java, Flask, Django, Ajax, IOT, Linux.

If anyone is interested in giving me guidance during this project. Please let me know.

Thank you for considering me.


Rahul Arora

I don’t see BeaglePin on the ideas page… can you elaborate on that idea?

I meant to say the this link that was given on the Wiki page. But still to be clear I want to work on BeagleBone Blue API or real time sensor data processing.

This is the link to the project I mentioned earlier.

That’s a directory of existing projects (if you’re looking for the new project ideas they’re here: - if you’re looking to work on an existing project, you’ll need to sell us on the idea. That means a specific outline of what you’d like to work on (the more details the better), and engaging with mentors here and on #beagle-gsoc about the specifics of the idea. You’ll need to find a mentor that wants to work on it with you, so for an existing project that could mean trying to pull in a developer to volunteer as a mentor.

Thank you for such a prompt reply. I am looking forward to develop an API that let a user control the board remotely. It can also be used to send the sensor data collected from Beagle Board to the user in some form. Or it can be used to do some complicated functions by the use of the API like a function collecting data from sensors in some particular intervals and processing it for further use. Please let me know if this is a nice thing to do or not. Should I start developing my idea further?

Hi Rahul

Usually ideas which help the beagle community in general get precedence.
The API idea is sound, but is not something which is necessarily related to the beagle community. Remote control of a Linux machine (which is what the BBB is) is a pretty standard thing.
And when it comes to controlling the pins and peripherals, there are quite a few libraries for that. PyBBIO for example.
You could also look at Firmata.


Yeah, I believe that project (or something similar at least) has been proposed in the past and not accepted, because at the end of the day there isn’t really much to it - the libraries for I/O on the BeagleBone already exist, and there’s a plethora of libraries and frameworks for building things like REST APIs and web UIs. It’s more or less just plugging a few pre-existing things together.

That said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that idea couldn’t potentially be developed into something that could be a GSoC project - think about target applications, do some research and find out where there’s pieces missing, etc… Remember that GSoC is around 4 months, and students are expected to be working full time the whole time, so just making a web interface for one of the existing libraries is nowhere near enough to fill that.