Interested in USB support for HelenOS on BeagleBoard

Hello all,

I’m interested in the Gsoc project to create “USB support for HelenOS on BeagleBoard XM and BeagleBone computers”. I’m currently an undergraduate sophomore at New York University. I have experience with C and I’m familiar with Linux since I’ve been using Ubuntu/Mint as my main OS for over a year, but I have not used HelenOS. I’ve also done some work with Arduino/Rasberry Pi, but not with a BeagleBoard yet either. There are a lot of reference pages to read up on from the Ideas page. Would someone be able answer a few questions once I start reading through them?
I’m also planning on creating a bootable USB for HelenOS to get familiar with it. Is there anything you suggest I do that is either unique to HelenOS or related to this project?

Thank you,
Ronald Rojas