Interested in using Beagle Board in AVL Solution

Hi all ;

Just a small question from Not H/W professional :slight_smile:
Can I add SD WIFI & SD GPS & SD 3G cards to Beagle Board in the
sametime ..

I am in interested to develop an application on Beagle Board for AVL
( Automatic Vehicle Tracking ) , that will use GPS recieved along with
different vehicle sensors inputs to Log GPS/Entries into Board local
Storage , Then Use WIFI or 3G/GPRS to Post those Entires to a Server
that can be accessed by end user for viewing/Reporting those
information .

waiting for your feedback

Mohamed Soliman

There is only one SD slot. It can handle only one card at a time. The SD slot contains your OS.
I suggest you look at USB devices for all of these. The BeagleBoard-xM has 4 USB slots on it.


There is an MMC2 controller interface on the expansion header. However, you’ll have to setup a MMc transceiver to this BUS, and SD card slot before you can interface with standard MMC/SD/SDIO modules. Again, like Gerald said, USB would be a much better alternative in terms of design/package and support stand-point.

Gerald → Thanks for your reference to CircuitCo the other day.


You bet!