Interfacing BeagleBoardXm as Master with Total phase Aardvark as slave using SPI

I am trying have a communication between BeagleboardXM and total phase aardvark reader using SPI protocol.

So far i have enable spi3.0 and spi4.0 by referring to

Then i used a a level-shifter, with BBxm on the target side, set for 1.8v and total Phase aadrvark reader on adapter side.
I have a simple application written for aardvark reader.I send some data bytes from Master(BBxm) which is received properly on the Slave(aardvark).
But the problem is the master is not receiving the data from slave, which is set as part of aa_spi_slave_set_response().
I saw the MISO line on beagle analyzer also and see that only the first byte of aa_spi_slave_set_response() is present, which is followed by the same data as sent by master.
On the master side i am using a spidev_test.c present in /documentation/spi

I tried the same setup using two aardvark readers and it works seamlessly.

  1. Any directions as to why the MISO line does not contain the desired data
  2. Also i noticed that as per the blog mentioned, spi clock is configured as INPUT. Why should it be INPUT and not OUTPUT. I checked that TRM document and it mentions the clock should be output!
    transmission does not work if i configure the clock as OUTPUT

Some guidance will be really appreciated here.