Interfacing external two LPDDR chips to SDRC (OMAP3530, devkit8000 )


am working on devkit 8000 (OMAP 3530 ), there are two chip selects,
CS0 and CS1. the total physical address provided by OMAP3530 is 1GB,
and the address range is given below (according to the OAMP3530 TRM)

      CS0 – 0x8000 0000(starting) ---- 0x9FFF
FFFF(ending) total= 512MB and

      CS1 – 0xA000 0000 (programmable starting) -----0xBFFF FFFF
(ending) total =512MB.

so from above information, i can connect 2 lpddr with 512 MB of each.

is it possible to connect 1GB of lpddr to each chip select so i can
interface 2GB of SDRAM ?. if so please help me how to do that, any
configuration setting or changes in the board itself..

thanks and regards

Babu. N. Reddy

No. Maximum is 1GB total. You might want to look at the datasheet for more information.


Babu, you first find such lpddr chips and then ask questions