interfacing IP camera with BBB


I have an IP camera and i needs to interface it with BBB through ethernet port.I have configured my BBB to dhcp and it got an ip address when connected to our network. I don’t know the following things. Please give me some input to my work.

  1. is BBB compatible with IP camera(device driver)?
  2. is mjpg suitable for video streaming in BBB?


I have interfaced Axis ip camera with my BBB and i can view video on my chromium browser. But i want to stream this video live. Which IDE can I use?
Is NetBeans IDE ok with BBB?
Can i use eclipse?
if i am using NetBeans then how to implement it in BBB?

What exactly do you want to do? IDE is a development environment---do
you want to write your own code to process the streaming video?
Axis use RTSP (port 554 IIRC) so any RTSP client or library will
process it --- e.g. VLC or gstreamer. Google 'opencv rtsp'


i have code written in java for streaming video. it is developed in NetBeans IDE. so i need to use this code in my BBB. how i will proceed?

In i have found that Oracle’s JDK can be installed in BBB. I familiarized only with Eclipse IDE. Is any option for coding in our PC(java coding) and run it in BBB like in Eclipse? I am confused with these issues. Please help me.

Sorry, I can't help you with specifics of running Java, but it seems
to me that you don't need the whole Eclipse environment---just the
Java runtime. In other words, develop on your PC in Eclipse and move
the .jar file to BBB and run it in the JRE. I am not sure what
additional stuff you need for the NetBeans.

Thank you. I will try with JDK in my BBB.

Hi I want to connect also my IP camera to BBB.
I did it with chromium extension.
The frame rate are very slow :(. sgx driver should give more FPS ?
I try to install zoneminder & motion with no luck.
Did you find a solution;


I connected Axis camera with bbb. But i didn’t install any other drivers for it. i think drivers are available for all IP cameras. But the frame rate was more than 25fps. I used ‘Mobaxterm’ for watching the bbb. Open bbb as a root user. i have successfully completed my project in bbb. but the resolution should be very low , otherwise you will get ‘overread’ error. just change your frame rate and resolution.

from where did you see the video?

from another computer?

from HDMI ?

i want to build a stand alone

i have seen the video from my PC in which i have installed Mobaxterm viewer. i also checked the board with LCD monitor through hdmi interface. at that time i entered as debian user. otherwise u can not access the chromium browser. in my application it is not necessary to see the video. if you are building a standalone application it is better to use separate display. the resolution of the camera was set to very low, since i got overread error while running the application.

Hi, I’ve been trying to do the same thing.

In my case, I connected the BBB to the LAN network, and I can see the video on my BBB browser typing 192…:port (IP camera adress).

Another thing or problem is my Ip axis camera P1344 is PoE, I tried to connect it with a switch PoE, directly to my BBB in order to access with the ip adress (like a short communication between BBB and Ip axis camera) , It doesn’t work.

The BBB is not detecting or is able to access to the IP camera even doing a ping.

Do you know something about it???


I configured the BBB with DHCP settings. The board, the PC and the camera are connected to the same network using a switch. My camera is fixed in outdoor. Using 192… address I think it is not possible. Use DHCP settings and try to get an IP address in the same series of camera. It will work.

Hi, thanks for your suggestions…

I can tell you that it does not work for me this procedure.

I use a beagle with monitor and keyboard, connect to a switch and the Axis IP camera (P1344), as well.

the Ip camera has a with a 8081 port (should I clear the information, or change the number of the IP that I setup)

I configure BBB as a DHCP. I reboot the BBB.

if I do ifconfig the BBB does not show any adress on the eth0.

Am I doing something wrong.

thank you again,

I did another step also. I have shared my PC’s network with bbb. I got an IP address in 10…series that is same as camera’s IP series. Here u are not using a PC. I didn’t try without PC. Anyway try for that.
Best wishes

yeah, I want an autonomous system, just BBB and IP camera and connect it to the internet.

I will try again,

ok. thank you.

Can you point to a guide to interface camera over ethernet port as I am very new to this stuff.I want to use this camera.Will it work with Beaglebone White?

hey guys, i’m trying to connect an IP camera with BBB over the ethernet port then broadcast the live streaming video since my BBB is connected to an aircard and has public ip. anyone was able to do such a thing?
i’m thinking of forwarding the camera port to the BBB so a person can see the live streaming by typing the ip of the BBB with the port of the camera…something like doing NAT configurations