Interfacing kentec qvga display (BOOSTXL-K350QVG-S1) to beaglebone black

Hey guys.

We are newbies to beaglebone black having Debian(Jessie). We are trying to interface the LCD to BBblack (its not a cape). What we have understood is that we need to disable hdmi and make changes to devtree (Havnt done though). What chanegs are needed further. How to connect the pins. Shall we use SPI interfaces or the I2C. And what are the LCD_DATA pins for? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

You scare me.

Well, step 1: read the datasheet:

<quote> 2.1.5 SPI Configuration By default the BOOSTXL-K350QVG-S1
comes configured as a "4-wire" 8-bit SPI. This is the standard SPI on
most MCUs with a hardware SPI peripheral. The user can reconfigure
R2/R3 and R8/R9 to instead use "3-wire" 9-bit SPI. In this
configuration, each SPI write is 9 bits instead of 8, allowing one
fewer GPIO pin to be used. </quote>