Interfacing LIS302DL accel with beagleboard

Hi all,

I am trying to interface lis302dl accelerometer with beagle board using I2C. I followed some interfacing circuit which is given in

linux driver lis302dl.c has no problems but i feel some problem is there in interfacing board , If any body has already worked on this please help me out…

Waiting for reply…


Looking at the link you provided, I don’t see a schematic that shows the ls302dl being connected. Do you have another source for the schematic of your implementation?


Yes Gerald I will provide the schematic…Help me out to get the values from this interfacing circuit…

acc interfacing.bmp (23.8 KB)

the bmp file you have sent is not a valid one can you kindly replace it with an proper image file

I can’t open this image. It is said that the picture contained errors.

2010/10/5 dileep panjala <>

Iam attaching the circuit which i have used to interface with beagle board…

acc interfacing.bmp (1.58 MB)

dileep panjala wrote:

Iam attaching the circuit which i have used to interface with beagle

1) why is there an I2C level shifter? The LIS302DL has 1.8 V compatible IOs
and you have connected the 1.8V IO VCC as well...

2) why is your level shifter connected to 5V when you power the chip with
3.3V and 1.8V?

3) why is CS not connected? it is used to select SPI vs I2C mode.

4) why is SDO not connected, it is used as an address bit in I2C mode

All great questions!


If any body worked on interfacing LIS302DL 3-axis accel sensor with beagle board… please send the circuit diagram…I have tried with one interfacing circuit which is not working…please help me out of this problem…

we have successfully interfaced the LIS302 to the beagleboard.
Plus many more parts (LCD module, Touch screen controller,
Gyroscope, Barometer, Compass, GPS etc.).

Please look at our project:

Schematics can be found here:

-- hns