interfacing the Sterling LWB module to the BeagleBone Black

We are developing a new product around the BeagleBone Black that uses the Sterling LWB Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module. LSR supplies some rather convoluted information on their website to build the drivers for this product in a Linux environment. Following their steps yields results completely different from their guidance. Has anyone ever attempted to integrate this radio into a BeagleBone Black project? If so did you get it to work and how did you accomplish it?

Hey Mike

did you ever solve your problem? We are trying to do similar to you except using a raspberry pi CM3. Currently confused by their linux integration guide. Specifically the way they set up their cross compiling environment and use the KLIB_BUILD env variable. Is that where you got stuck as well?

Anyway, I hope you met some success in your work.

Have a good one,

  • Cory