internal webserver/service


I’m just waiting for my bbb to arrive so meantime i’m reading about to be ready when it arrives.

According to the getting started website, it autostart a webserver to serve some content so you can access to that page and so some stuff…

How can i get rid of that kind of service?
so i can only access with ssh trough wired/wireless connection or “physically with a keyboard/mouse/display” like a classical debian.

Maybe there is faq or some info about how to remove those but im unable to find it so will be nice if someone can point me to the solution or to a link that i can read.


Using systemctl to disable the service. It is running nginx.

It will connect fine with ssh with it running, I would not be concerned about that.

Ah ok, will disable that service and uninstall related packages.

Its there anywhere a list of something that enumerate those special features/packages installed (like that nginx)


Depending on what you want to do with it, you may be better of starting with a minimal image, especially if you don’t need/want the desktop.

Either way you will probably want to update the software. I doubt it will come with the latest version.

You can find a long list of versions here

They will all come in eMMC flashing versions, or run from SD card version (although these can also be flashed)

If you don’t have one already I would also suggest getting hold of a 3V ttl serial to usb adapter. Sooner or later you will run into booting issues and this is the first thing you will need to sort those issues out.

Nothing fancy, just read some sensor data and publish to mqtt broker, but i would like to have the minimal things running and ports opened. So no need desktop and yes i have ttl 3v, i come from toradex yocto world.

For example

I see: minimal, iot, console.
Any way to know what packages/functionality are on each image?


Minimal: omap-image-builder/ at master · RobertCNelson/omap-image-builder · GitHub
IoT: omap-image-builder/ at master · RobertCNelson/omap-image-builder · GitHub
xfce: omap-image-builder/ at master · RobertCNelson/omap-image-builder · GitHub


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That’s exactly what i wanted, thanks