Introducing meta-beagleboard

To help foster fast development, future releases of the Angstrom
Distribution that ships with platforms (such as
BeagleBone and BeagleBoard-xM) will be built using meta-beagleboard,
rather than meta-ti. While this produces the seemingly undesirable
effect of providing yet-another-BSP for platforms,
collaboration in the mainline kernel and bootloaders that are the key
elements for the BSPs has made this possible and multiple goals for
the various BSPs has made it desirable.

The objectives for meta-beagleboard are:
1) Provide the best possible out-of-box-experience for platforms
2) Enable as much add-on hardware as possible
3) Enable public contributions to extend the experience and hardware support
4) Deliver information to the community regarding the
development status

The repository will be hosted at:

In addition to the many distributions of Linux picking up support for
the hardware from the mainline Linux kernel or collaboratively pulling
in-work patches from this repository (or the collaborative kernel
repository at, there are various
OpenEmbedded BSP layers available for platforms with
other objectives. These BSPs can be very useful to you depending on
your purpose and I've listed some here to position them relative to
* Provide a basis for building TI SDKs
* Enable collaborative inputs from community developers seeking to
improve the BSPs used in TI SDKs
* Deliver BSPs that work with only oe-core required, compatible with
meta-yocto, meta-arago and other distro layers
* Provide a clear definition of what is supported by TI
* Provide a reference for building Yocto BSPs
* Provide a reference for utilizing a common kernel across Yocto
reference platforms

meta-beagleboard is seeking to participate in the Yocto Project and
provide reference for the other BSPs to utilize. However, its focused
objectives enable faster support for platforms. Support
for the layer will come from Koen, Joel, myself and other CircuitCo or
TI employees supporting of course any other
people who wish to contribute to the project. Where it is simple and
sane to do so, the components in meta-ti will simply be used.

I hope you see clear value from the existence of this new layer and
how it helps accelerate development and foster both quality and
collaboration. Thanks for your kind support.

Best regards,
Jason Kridner
TI and