IOT image user/password debian/temppwd not working


I’m not sure if I’m missing something but a freshly imaged SD card with “Stretch IoT (without graphical desktop)” sha256sum: 8cab7b77a3da697aabbbde883fd9172d93daee398f9c7b88a90bfb53dfea5f5e is giving me trouble when I try to log in. debian/temppwd does not work. I’m using Putty on windows. I’m working on a BBB. I’ve been working on a BBBW which I imaged about 2-3 months ago with the IoT and had no issues. The image I’m using today is from 01/28/2018. I was able to login without issues on the LXQT image.

Just FYI, not a bid deal for me as I just wanted to try the IoT.

Try again, password is the same, and it hasn't changed in like 10 years. :wink: