IRQ numbers


I haven't found in linux/include/asm-arm/arch-omap/irqs.h the IRQ
numbers to OMAP-3530. This file only mention the processors OMAP-1509,
OMAP-1510/1610, OMAP-1610 and OMAP-730. Which one should i use?

João Paulo

I was talking on IRC and told me that i could use the OMAP24XX.

I have to create a kernel function that have to be called each 5 ms.

To request an IRQ, i am using the function
"request_irq(INT_24XX_GPTIMER2, &timer_interrupt, SA_INTERRUPT, "5 ms
timer", NULL);"

How can i configure the timer INT_24XX_GPTIMER2 to interrupt each 5

João Paulo