Is a beagle board for me?

Hi all,

I'm in the design phase of a hobby project and I'm trying to choose a
suitable embedded computer. The beagle board looks like it might fit,
and the price is right.. but I thought it would be a good idea to ask
around here before I go ahead and buy one.

I need an embedded computer set up with the following:

WiFi and GPRS (cell modem) connectivity. I thought SDIO and USB
dongles could work here. Will the software work out? Are there
specific models/families of add-on cards I should choose?

A camera. A good USB web cam would be fine.

The serial port would be used to talk to a PIC that I have for
controlling some motors. That already exists, and it would be trivial
to interface the beagle board to this.

Mainly I'm concerned with whether or not the Linux/arm software stack
will support USB/SDIO wifi, gprs, and a camera.

Any help, or pointers to other boards that may be more suitable, would
be appreciated.

All listed hardware is supported in Linux in general, but there are a lot of brands, models etc which have to be tested. I just want to say that you will have to buy a dongle and then check if it is compatible. Also everythig depends on your skills in configuring Linux kernel.

2010/6/17 Mike G. <>