Is anyone making BeagleBone clones?

We are advised not to use BeagleBoard/Bone boards in production systems, and
for the BeagleBoard there are several clones out there. The Bone was
specifically designed to be easier to clone (simpler memory for one) but I
have yet to spot any clones.

Any links to anything I may have missed greatfully received.


PS, no, I do not need enough to be able to commision my own build run.

You can use the BeagleBone design in production system. Just not from the manufactured supply of the boards with the BeagleBoard logo on it that is intended to supply the Beaglebone community. If anyone wants to have the exact same board made (1-1M) or make it themselves, that can easily be arranged. We just do not want to have 20,000 boards sucked up by some company using them in a prodcuct and people screaming that they can’t get boards.


That was not really my question. There are BeagleBoard clones, but I had
not heard of any Bone clones and was curous in case I had missed any, and
if there were none given that it had been designed to be more easily cloned
why there were no clones as yet? Its a great board, I suppose it may just
be that they are waiting for those curious ethernet problems to get pinned
down, or just that it is too new.


I have not seen any BeagleBone clones. I am sure they will pop up before long. It has only been three months since the launch.


Now this is totally unclear to me. Are you saying that you will
supply BeagleBone boards as "white label" products to be used in
production systems?

I'll be honest, so far your reasons for not encouraging commercial BB
use have been fuzzy at best. I can understand that you don't want
anyone buying the entire supply of BB, but if someone wants to use
10,000 in a production run, you don't really thing they are going to
buy 10k from Digikey at the 1 off price do you? I don't recall
Digikey having a lower price with quantity. I know for 10k units I
would be making calls and dickering for a better price.

I don't expect I will ever sell 10,000 of these units, if I do I'll
retire. But I might be using them in the 100's. You make it sound
like you will not allow this even. What exactly are the
restrictions? Can you supply white label boards at the same or better
price if the quantities are not high? Your note below say qty
starting at 1.


Interesting thread.

I might like to use the Beaglebone in a commercial product; initially
I would be looking at quantities of perhaps a few 10s so while I could
probably "get away" with just doing it, I would like to know what is
the right thing to do.

Another question I have has to do with what the production costs of
the Beaglebone are. What I am actually interested in is to make a
customized device using an AM335x (essentially it would be cloned from
a Beaglebone but instead of P8/P9 I'd add some on-board signal
interfacing electronics), and I would like to be able to make a SWAG
on the costs as early as possible. I am really, really impressed with
what the BeagleBone can do, and how cheaply it can do it.

Earlier AM335x promo videos suggest that it is a "$5" part, but that
is in multi-thousand quantities and it is for cheaper versions (not
the AM3359). Newark indicates that the XAM3359ZCZ is $37.13 (lead
time 36 days), Digikey shows the XAM3359ZCZ at $31. I'm looking for a
SWAG of what I should expect to pay for an AM3359 in quantities of a
few hundred, in (say) six months time.

I know that the Beaglebone sells for $89 retail in quantities of one,
and I assume that the production quantities involved are perhaps a few
thousand. What I don't know is if this $89 retail price allows for
ordinary commercial profit margins, or if this pricing reflects
special reduced markups for various reasons (e.g. establishing a
community of AM335x users).

It would be good to know whether or not the parts costs etc make it
likely or unlikely that a BeagleBone clone might be made by a for-
profit company for a retail price of $89.


- Daniel

We're in the process of building a custom board based on the Beaglebone. We have our own in house assembly capability and can control the batch cost process pretty closely. We went with a 6 layer design, even though the promotional documentation states you can go with 4 layer (that would be a real challenge). The big players in costs are, processor and memory, right there in smaller quantities you're looking at around $40.00 for the pair. Then add in the price of the TPS65217, another $4.00 in smaller quantities. Add in the cost of having the boards produced and the cost of the rest of the components, depending on your design requirements, another $20 to $40 easily. Then you have to have them assembled, bingo, the $89.00 is busted. I know Arrow is selling white label Beagleboard XM's, don't know when/if they will be doing Beaglebones. You'll have to check with them on that.

Just my 2 cents...

Yes, we are providing BeagleBones as white label for production systems. You can get them at a lower cost because we are leveraging the total quantities we buy for making the Beaglebone. If you were to buy the parts for making just 10 boards, it would be cheaper to pay the full price for a BeagleBone through distribution. The full BOM is provided, so you could just send it to a distributor and have them quote all the parts in whatever quantity you want.


Do you sell the white label boards at the same price as the regular
BB? Are they sold through Digikey?


They are sold factory direct. You work direct with CircuitCo. It is the same exact board, just no logo on it and it can be made for as long as you need it. It in essence becomes your product. If you want something removed that you do not need, they can handle that as well.

We upgrade and change our boards and we do not continue to make the old ones. That is another reason we suggest not putting the BeagleBoards in production products, because we can easily change something that may affect the product in which they would be used.