Is BeableBoard still being manufactured?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, there are no contact details on
the website.

Is the board still being made? I've been trying to buy a board for
over a month from Digikey (the supplier). They are now unable to tell
me when they'll ever have them back in.

I remember reading somewhere on either beagleboard page or TI site,
that claimed TI ship over 200 units a month to digikey.

Can anyone confirm/deny this? Has anyone bought one in the last few


Yes it is still being built. I have addressed this issue many times on the discussion board. We had an interruption of supply that has been taken care of. DigiKey should be caught up early next week. We are shipping 300 boards per week.


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I don’t know about this but I just received 2 beagleboards via EBV who seem to have a supplies

Thankx for keeping us upto date, Gerald. But, do you have any info on what kind of back log order numbers digi-key is looking at? I ask because I want to figure out when my BB will be shipped out (order placed on 7/10/09).


hey Krishna ordered on the same day and still waiting, Keep up the good updates Gerald.

By my numbers, about 200 now. We will ship 300 this coming Friday which will wipe out the backlog and another 200 the next Tuesday.



There is (at least) another site: Special Computing

I bought beagleboard few minutes ago (but price is us$199!! not 149 like digikey).


Thanks for the plug Guillermo, but we're sold out already.

The BeagleBoard RevC3 that we charge $199.00 for is not what DigiKey
sells. We have the RTC battery soldered in and NAND preprogrammed
with a specific image, and usually includes assembly into an acrylic
case. Its intended for people that want something running out of the

Our various value-add services is provided at less than break even
point to the community, which seems to be popular with those that can
afford it. We're worth it!!

Bill Mar
Special Computing