Is BeagleBoard-xm already in available in stock now?


I was requesting a quotation from digikey for beagleboard-xm. But they
reply me with lead time 36weeks = 9 months? Is it a board need 9
months to run into product? Why take so long time? I was like cant
wait to test it now.


I don't know how many boards you requested, but even when I requested
a delivery estimate for 100 xMs, 41 of them would be shipped at the
end of this month and the rest just a week later.


We expect to start shipping boards this week. Not 9 months from now! Please do not listen to DigiKey leadtines. Instead, ask.


Any new updates on beagleboard-xm shipping / availability?



We hope to ship Friday, assumming the SW is there. Boards are in test.


I was able to order an xM board from digikey the other day. The web-page stated that the estimated ship time is the first week or so of September. That timing seems to match up with your shipping plans.

--Colby Boyer

Yes. We are in regular contact with DigiKey. So far things are on track to ship Friday! We are due to get the final SD card image Friday morning.


Hi everyone
Is there any way to buy a beagleboard sooner than september? Importing
to my country is really expensive, and i have a relative in the US
Now, but he flys back next week.

Thank you very much for your help.

No. The firstt shipments will go out this week. Nobody has stock becasue no boards have been shipped.