Is BeagleY-AI made in the US


We are looking for single board computers that can meet the requirements of our projects, which require parts made in the US. Is BeagleY-AI made in the US? Is there a document on country of origin?


Good luck.
We have the same requirement and try to use the Ti SoC, at least Ti has a main office in the USA so if nefarious stuff is found on the SoC we have legal recourse. Stuff outside of your own country, no chance of any accountability.

Did find some BBB that are assembled in the USA by GHI, not sure if they are doing that anymore because their website seems to have changed. Problem is the APAC region supplies all the other parts that are needed, however the SoC and PHY chip are the most critical.

Do I know for first hand fact where the Y-AI is made, no. I can say it would be extremely difficult to meet the made in USA standard due to so much of it being imported.

It would be nice if GHI was in the mix, from the specs that SoC looks promising.

It’s being manufactured via Seeed, thru Foxconn, in their new facility in Vietnam.



For cheaper boards such as Beagleboards, they are mostly assembled in PRC. Even if you hire companies in Taiwan or Hong Kong to assemble your circuits, they are also mostly assembled in China.

For cheaper boards like Beagleboards, the most crucial parts such as SoC, ethernet, wi-fi etc, make sure that they are all USA, EU or Japan made. Then, you should feel secure enough to use.

For the highest security requirement, shop from TI official sites. Prices are doubled, of course.

Check these boards out directly from TI official sites (bottom of the page)

In my opinion, not really, it is nearly impossible to keep this stuff clean. Do they certify the chain of custody of the all the critical parts?. To much secondary market activity to keep it all straight.

It is best to treat all of it like it is an actual threat and completely un-trusted.

Is this all done in vain, it seems like it is. It is more CYA for unwanted exposure from the fallout of selling a “spy device” to a customer.

Your ISP, Big tech, whomever you did 2FA with, the list is long… for those that are intruding in your private life, pretty sure you know the rest of this.