Is is possible to communicate over serial (big USB ) between BBB and Teensy 2.0?

I have a Teensy 2.0 board that control a device. Teensy it is set to accept serial (115200) commands as text: “motoron”, “motoroff” … and execute them, which is working fine.
Now I try to use a BBB rev. C (Linux Debian) to be the source that will send those command. I would like to use the big usb connector (usb host?) as it does offer also 5V power needed for Teensy 2.0.
Is this scenario possible?
For start it will be OK if the command is sent from BBB like "echo motoron > /dev/tty??? ", later I would like to have a python program to do this.
I’m very beginner with Linux, so if you know a solution please consider this level and provide detailed instruction about how can I do it.
Suggestions or solutions are welcome.

Thank you in advance,

on the BBB the USB host device appears as ttyACM* for many of serial devices, or ttyUSB*
you can assured by using:
ls -l /dev/ttyACM*
ls -l /dev/ttyUSB*
after you found your device you can use pyserial or any other libraries to communicate!
good luck!


You can execute

dmesg | grep tty

in order to get information on the serial ports. You’ll find lines like

[…] 481a8000.serial: ttyS4 at MMIO 0x481a8000 (irq = 187, base_baud = 3000000) is a 8250

which informs about the port used for a connection, ie. when you plug in the Teensy device.

Keep in mind, you cannot power heavy load on the USB port when the BBB is powered by USB. You’ll need an external power supply (at least 5V/1A).