Is it possible to change the UART mode


IS there is possibility to change the UART mode? according to the datasheet from TI AM335x ARM Cortex –A8 Microprocessor’s micro-controller UART’s have following modes available.
Value Mode

0x0: UART 16x mode
0x1: SIR mode
0x2: UART 16x auto-baud
0x3: UART 13x mode
0x4: MIR mode
0x5: FIR mode
0x6: CIR mode

At the moment when I try to send data over TxD I can read the wrong values on the Oscilloscope, so I guess I need to change the mode and see what happens then. But I don’t know how. Please help.

How can I access the register of processor to implement the mode change described in TI AM335x ARM A8 Microprocessors technical reference manual

Disable the UART before accessing the UARTi.UART_DLL and UARTi.UART_DLH registers:
Set the UART_MDR1[2:0] MODE_SELECT bit field to 0x7.

Please Help