Is it possible to command a beaglebone black over Ethernet.

I want to use the single usb port on beaglebone black for a usb webcam, so can i avoid using the usb and control the beaglebone through the Ethernet?,
I don’t have a monitor either for the beaglebone black.

Yes you can. You did not mention which distro you’re using on the beaglebone black though. Assuming Debian . . .

Ethernet will work without any configuration if you have dhcp on your network. If not, you’ll have to configure a static ip. If you do have dhcp (you probably do) you can just change the hostname ( to something nice, then use that instead of an ip for ssh, avoiding the insanity of a static ip.

Brandon, I guess you did not look at the link I gave. It covers every aspect of configuring an eth device on Debian. That is when using /etc/network/interfaces

I saw the link to the reference, but I didn’t see an answer to his question.