Is it possible to install ubuntu to my beagleboard over serial port?

I haven't dvi output on my monitor. I just want to install ubuntu over
serial port. How can i do this?
Also, i have a usbwifi stick that is using ralink rt2800 driver. Is
that possible to make it work on ubuntu?

Sorry for my bad english.



Anyone? i’ve been waiting for your helps. i know i should use rootstock but how exactly? There is no detail.

just install angstrom. it's still gnu/linux, and as a bonus you get a
development environment and documentation thrown in.

I tried angstrom and my usbwifi does not work on angstrom with rt2800 driver. No firmware, no driver support for my usbwifi.

Umm.. it helps to read, as i do give the details... I give the
rootstock command used in the demo images..

Then all the basic rootstock stuff is in the next heading:


Thanks for helping. It makes my work easier.

2010/9/6 Robert Nelson <>