Is it possible to root Beaglebone Black Android image


I’m trying to mount USB storage from terminal. I’m using “Terminal Emulator” app. I’m trying to use following commands to mount USB:



mount -t vfat -o rw ``/dev/block/sd``* ``/storage/usb1




su mount -t vfat -o rw /dev/block/sd* /storage/usb1

I’m getting “permission denied” message. I tried different su binaries. One of them is:

The shell command which I’m using is working in adb. But I have to execute it within an app. Without permissions I cannot do that. So:

  1. Is it possible to root this Android image (I’m using TI release for Beaglebone Black).

  2. Or can i give permissions using chmod ? If i can, which files should i give permission?

  3. Or is my approach wrong?

I’m just seeing this post. I’m amazed that no one has replied yet. I am desperately looking for this solution. Every android tool I have for rooting does not work on BBB. This is the 1st time I could not root an android device.

Where did you get the image ???

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