Is it possible to shutdown Main CPU and keep PRU running?

Hello there!

Is it possible to boot the Black, load a PRU binary, start it, shutdown the Main CPU again and keep a PRU Running?

Would this reduce energy consumption? Can sb. approximate by which factor?

Is it possible to start the Main System agein and read the Results or Logs from PRU work out of the memory again?

How would that look like practicle? Load PRU Program, shutdown linux distro without -h and -P arguments to keep power supply, boot distro after some time, relink to pru completion interruptevent, read the memory for results?

I’m sorry I’m not very experienced with this. I read and workesd through the Book “Exploring Beaglebone Tools and Techniques for building with embedded Linux” by Derek Molloy and found it extremly helpfull!

But I couldn’t find out about the above questions.

Thanks in advance!