is that possible (replace a adam 4013)


is it possible to replace an ADAM 4013? its use an 4wire PT100 to measure temperature…

i will it use for a (profesionel) temperature measuring system, or is it better to use an adruino board? it must support more than 100 measurepoints and more than 300m

thanks for help!!

(sorry for my bad english, but i hope you understand me)

Which BeagleBoard are you planning to use?


i will use the beaglebone black.

You need an RS485 cape and SW. I see no reason why it would not work.


why i need an RS485 cape?
i will conect the PT100 to the BBB directly

The way I read the datasheet was that it was an RS485 interface. It is has something other serial interface, then as long as it is 3.3V, that should work.


Hello Gerald,

i would like to to this:
but no ADAM-Module, only adruino and/or Beaglebone Black… ist that possible, how?

I believe it is possible.

How? Take the schematic of the ADAM4013 module and put it on an expansion board… This will provide access to the processor and the I/O of the circuitry from the ADAM4013.


Keep in mind that ADAMs are industrial devices. Big part of their cost
comes from the fact that they have to sustain hash conditions present
on the factory floor and pretty much nobody will even touch a device
that has no industrial certificates, which are very expensive pieces
of paper. Beagle, arduinos, Pi are designed for prototyping and they
need to conform to much less strict requirements.
If you want to connect an RTD to Beaglebone just search google for
"cheap pt100 interface". It may do the job for you, but don't expect
it to be a low-cost replacement for a piece of industrial equipment.