Is The BeagleBone Black Future to Include a Quad Core Arm Processor?

I bought a RPI2 and love it, but I really love the BBB and it is the center of a lot of my projects. Is there plans to have a BBB with a quadcore processor like the RPI2? I hope so. And with a gig of ram? I know it will be higher in price, especially since it would most likely sport 4gb of flash memory. But it would be nice if future designs also featured another USB port. 4? That’s over kill but nice. 2 would work for me although I always use a powered hub. An audio port would be nice too.

I just hope my wonderful BBB platform has plans for a multi-core processor. I can’t find anything about that via google searches.

Thank you for your time!

The next version is the X15. It has a dual A15, Dual DSPs, 2 M4s, two 3D accelerators, and 4 PRU processor cores. While that is not a Quad core per se, it does have 13 processors of various capabilities.


Two 3D accelerators that nobody can use because there is no support/info from the GPU IP maker or TI.
What’s the point?



They are there to add weight to the package. Helps keep it balanced.


Imagine that!


That’s a good one :-))


I saw at least some aspects of EVE in the documentation as well. Is that the #13? There are a couple more M3s I’d like to get to be programmable to get us up to 15. :slight_smile:

Since no one mentioned it. The X15 should out perform the rPI 2

, largely. Right ?

From what I hear, and Jason you would know more, the EVE is not being supported by TI and if I recall one of the M4s is not supported as well

We could add in the LCD controllers to the count.