Is the ship date to digikey soon, or Beagle Board Alternatives

I need a beagle board for next semester, but it would appear that the
vendors are sold out and keep pushing back the due date.

I need a small board with similar features and support, for a senior
design project.

two questions:

When will the next shipment be? (I believe I read in another post it
would be mid-2010 but want to make sure)

What are similar boards? They need to run linux, have USB, strong
community support, small size, low power consumption, and low price
similar to beagleboard.


We plan to start shipping to DigiKey on 1/15/2010, not mid-2010.


Great! that will be just in time for me to start building the

Right now I have it set up at digikey to send me one when they come
in. Do you think there will be enough when they come in to fulfill
everyone else's order and mine? Also how long does it take for the
shipment to reach digikey?

It takes 24 hours for a shipment to reach Digikey. Typically it takes a couple of days for them to figure out what it is and get it into the system. We have 3000 boards in the pipeline. We plan to ship 300 boards a week. I don’t really know what the current backorder levels are at DigiKey.


These are Rev. 4 boards, right?

These are Rev 4 boards.


Hi guys, this is strange, I just saw this conversation with a
representative from digikey:

*: Your request is being processed. A representative will be with you
Your Digi-Key representative for this Live-Help session is Brandi ext
Brandi ext 2238: Welcome to Digi-Key Live-Help. How may I assist you?
*: I'm interested in buying a beagleboard
*: but it seems it's difficult to ship one fast, is that true?
*: are there production delays?
Brandi ext 2238: We do not currently have stock.
*: and when will you have new stock?
Brandi ext 2238: The estimated lead time is currently March 8.
*: wow
*: that's unrealistic for industrial projects
*: is there no other solution to get some faster?
Brandi ext 2238: Texas Instruments does not currently have any
available. This is the projected date they have given us before
product will be available.
*: that's sad
*: it's so popular, you could sell zillions of them
Brandi ext 2238: They are very popular.

March or mid January, a big difference...


The expected ship date is January 15th, 2010.


Devkit8000 is your option.

I ordered my board on the 5th December from DigiKey. The shipping date then was 26th Feb 2010 but now it has changed to 8th March 2010. What's worse is that they have billed my credit card. Seems like a long delay to me...

They will ship before that. They will have their boards by the 16th of January.


I believe by law they are required to ship the products within 30 days
of charging your credit card, although I could be wrong. If your card
is charged, and what I just said is right, then you should see your
Beagle ship within 30 days.

It is very interesting. In the pass three weeks, I sometimes received one or two beagleboards to fill my back orders. This happened quite a few times. I think I have received 30 in total and still have 14 in back order. If Digikey charged your credit card, I think you are going to get it soon.