Is there a Beagle Board with a different processor, preferably (OMAP 4 family)?


I'm currently doing some research on single-board computers and trying
to find the best one that has some desired features.

I finally found Beagle Board which has OMAP 3530 processor, and some
other features.

However, is there another Beagle Board with OMAP 4 instead of the OMAP

If not, is there another single-board computer that had OMAP 4 built-



There is not a Beagle with an OMAP4 processor on it. There are no other boards with OMAP4 processors on them. The OMAP4 is not yet broadly available and is limited to specific TI customers.


Is it possible in the near future that there will be a newer version
of Beagle Board with a more powerful processor such as OMAP 4? is committed to open source software and hardware and to provide the fastest processor available through distribution that meets the ultra-low power requirements. We are watching the OMAP4 series of processors with great interest and it is a very new technology with real promise of things to come. If an OMAP4 processor becomes available through distribution that meets the design goals, will be there.



You've been very helpful with the quick responses.

Thank you for you're time,


My pleasure!


Hi Gerald,

Can you, please, summarize the most exiting characteristics of OMAP4
generation. Thank you in advance,


P.S. We just got CD-level audio over USB WLAN working on the C4 board
that we received on Wednesday,

Well, I can’t say a whole lot because I am not deeply invoved in it. But the two high points are the Dual Cortex A9 processors and the high speed DRAM interface.


2010/1/30 Seppo Nikkilä <>

Thank you again Gerald. I will go to CeBIT 2010 in Hannover and ask
more about the topic from the TI people there.

That sounds good. Keep in mind that this part is not available to anyone, just their top tier customers. So it may be a while befoe it is freely available.


2010/1/30 Seppo Nikkilä <>

I'm not an OMAP4 expert, but I think the multi-format, multi-stream
1080p video is a pretty impressive feature.

I think the person editing the video has too much time on their hands
to search for new types of fades/wipes. Wish they'd spent the time
thinking about content and fixing spelling errors, like "image