Is there a Debian 11 'console' image? (or is 'minimal' the smallest?)

Is there a Debian 11 ‘console’ image anywhere? The Debian 11.7 'minimal; image is about twice as big as the Debian 10.13 console image and I don’t believe things have bloated quite that much!

I run all my BBBs headless and some have only 2Gb EMMCs so the smallest possible image is what I want.

Yeah lots of default features pre-installed: Debian 11.x (Bullseye) - Monthly Snapshot - 2023-08-05

This config controls what gets installed: configs/ · master · / image-builder · GitLab

Feel free to tweak it to your heart’s delight:

git clone
cd ./image-builder/
./ -c

Then once it’s built, configure it for your board:

sudo ./ --img-4gb bone-example --dtb beaglebone --distro-bootloader --enable-cape-universal --enable-uboot-disable-pru --enable-bypass-bootup-scripts


There’s a Github configuration for the Debian 11.x console image but it doesn’t seem to be built and put with all the other images in the ‘latest-images’ section. Is this intentional or just an oversight?

Please share which one… There should only be 3 for am335x, if there’s more we went a little crazy on testing…

For am335x, i’m only doing:

Minimal, IOT and Xfce, so maybe too much of IOT ended up in Minimal, so it’s time to cut it down again.